You Know You’re in Ecuador When…

You Know You’re in Ecuador when…

  1. All your roommates have terrible flea bites (except for you) and there is nothing they can do about it
  2. You literally have rice and potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  3. As a special guest, you are generously given the head of a guinea pig for lunch which still had its eyes, ears, teeth, and some fur
  4. Your group plants on average 300 trees a day
  5. You make guacamole in your spare time and since there’s no tortilla chips you use Lays chips instead (It honestly tasted amazing!)
  6. You get a huge bowl of potato soup one night with a side of 15 potatoes (I could only eat 2)
  7. Your leaders get served a cup of warm, unconcealed jello each night
  8. Getting food that’s not rice and potatoes feels like an early birthday present!
  9. You watch Lord of the Rings after seminar and make a count for the amount of times Frodo falls down 
  10. You learn how to play guitar (sort of). Thanks Sophie and Becca!
  11. Getting drinkable water is a process and you realize how grateful you are to drink it straight from the tap at home
  12. Due to a knee injury, your roommate Becca and you no longer have to hike up a huge 15 minute hill each day to get home
  13. You now live 1 minute away from seminar space with 3 roommates and a warm shower
  14. For just .30c you can hop on a bus and go to the closest “city”
  15. You are 10 minutes away from the Ingapirca Ruins (The biggest Inca/Canari city built in Ecuador) 
  16. You know way less Spanish than you thought you did but it’s enough to get by
  17. The first thing your host-dad gives you is a spanish/english version of the New Testment (Dios es Amor)
  18. The altitude difference makes going up the stairs our daily workout
  19. You see a supermarket and buy 2 full bags of granola, granola bars, chia seeds, nuts, and fruit
  20. It’s surprisingly very cold here and instead of wearing a t-shirt and shorts like you thought, you’re wearing all the layers you own
  21. When the fog comes in at night and you feel like you’re walking in a horror movie
  22. When you can’t say the name of village correctly after 2 weeks (Caguanapamba)
  23. You realize how much you love avocados and take every opportunity to have more
  24. You buy animal crackers for the first time since you were 5
  25. You have the loudest/squeakiest door possible and you can’t go to bathroom at night without waking everybody up
  26. Walking past pigs and sheep on the road isn’t even a little strange anymore
  27. Your family takes you trout fishing the last day and you accidentally slap your friend with a fish while reeling it in
  28. You go to a club soccer game in Quito!!!
  29. You discover that alpaca sweaters are the warmest thing and buy a lot of them
  30. Going to the coast for independent student travel was one of the best decisions you’ve made (I missed the water)
  31. You visit La Isla del Plata (AKA Poor Mans Galapagos) and see enough Blue-Footed Boobies to last a lifetime
  32. You go surfing!!!

Ecuador has been an awesome last core country. It definitely had it’s struggles but overall I wouldn’t want it any other way. My knee injury caused me to spend most of my time in the host village laying in bed and sadly missing the work project. I’m happy to announce that I will still be able to hike Machu Picchu next week! 

Today, we leave for Cuzco and we begin the 4 day trail in just a few days. After that, we return to the USA! Crazy to think that in just one week I’ll be seeing my family! 

Sorry that my blog was so late, I hope everyone is doing well! 

Patty Dougherty