You Know You’re in the USA When…

My final blog post

You Know You’re in the U.S.A When…

  1. Breakfast is good!! Granola and Oatmeal and French Toast (OH MY!)
  2. You can drink water from the tap
  3. All traffic laws are actually obeyed and turning signals are actually used too
  4. You can put toilet paper in the toilet
  5. You have a toilet!
  6. You have clothes that you haven’t been wearing the past 6 months
  7. Showers are hot and also have water pressure – the best of both worlds!
  8. You can pet and play with dogs without fear of getting fleas or bitten
  9. There is a starbucks on EVERY corner
  10. You realize that you’ve made an origami paper crane in every country you’ve visited (Thanks for teaching me Mrs. Laabs)
  11. You can go on a run without having to worry about stepping on dog poop
  12. It’s no longer acceptable to shower every 4 days
  13. The fast-food options are everywhere
  14. Everything costs a lot.. I miss the $5 meals
  15. You go to the grocery store and are overwhelmed with the amount of options there are
  16. There is a refrigerator with all the food one could want in it
  17. You have to say goodbye to all your friends that 7 months ago you were nervous to meet
  18. Cell phones are EVERYWHERE and are especially visible during mealtime
  19. You understand all the conversations happening around you for the first time in 7 months
  20. You can have any type of food you want at any hour!!! (That time at 9pm when we got Shake Shack delivered to our hostel)
  21. You talk about the drought for 45 minutes with Senator Diane Feinstein’s Energy and Natural Resources assistant #thedroughtisreal
  22. You realize that in the past 7 months you have changed
  23. You live in a small cabin in Virginia with your friends for two weeks
  24. You and Ellie steal everyone’s phone chargers as an April fools joke (sorry)
  25. You build an awesome fort in the woods and your friend writes a brilliant song while sitting in the fort
  26. On the last night in Virginia, you look up at the stars with your friends, just like you did throughout the entire trip, and realize that your really going to miss these amazing people
  27. The TBB Alumni say, “TBB never really ends” and you hope they are telling the truth
  28. You officially become a TBB Alumni
  29. You say/cry you’re last goodbyes to all your friends and promise to see them all soon
  30. You come home

There are many people I must thank because without them I would not have had such an amazing adventure.

Thank you to everyone who supported me in the last seven months. Thank you to the best college counselor, Sherry Zagunas, for finding this program with me and encouraging me to do this trip. Thank you to my mom and dad for allowing me to go on this gap year. Thank you to my wonderful leaders for everything you did, including keeping me safe and alive the last 7 months. Thank you to the TBB staff for organizing an awesome trip. And lastly thank you to all my friends who made this trip so much more fun and special! You all pushed me and supported me the last 7 months and I am so grateful to have you all in my life. Please come visit me in California, I already miss you all way too much!

Thank you to my blog readers for following my journey and giving me supportive and encouraging messages. I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Patty Dougherty

7 thoughts on “You Know You’re in the USA When…

  1. Michele Damazyn says:

    Welcome home Patty! You were missed! I’m sure it was somewhat of a culture shock to come back to the States. What an adventure! Thank you for including all of us back home through this blog.


  2. Jo Ann Prange says:

    Great to hear you are home! What a trip & many experiences you have had! It was great to follow you, thanks for giving that opportunity. We hope we will see you in Minn this summer! Love & Hugs! Loren & Jo Ann


  3. Raana Mohyee says:

    I’m so happy you’re home (or at least on your way), and even happier that your trip went so well ❤ I can’t to find out about your next great adventure!


  4. Norma says:

    Hi apathy,
    So glad you have returned home safe and sound. I shall miss your blogs as they were so informational and colorful. All along the way, I shared them with my father who had visited most of the places you described. This year will be not only memorable but life changing.


  5. Lola Cleary says:

    Welcome home! It has been so interesting following your travels and adventures. What an amazing opportunity. Thank you so much for all the communication. I know you will be going forward with many more great things in your life! You go girl!! Prayers, Love, and Hugs. Lola Cleary.

    Sent from my iPad



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